Twitter Reacts: Charlie Simpson Rejoins Busted As The Band Reforms!

Year 3000? More like Year 2016! That’s right, after 10 years apart, Busted are set to make a comeback and Charlie Simpson is reportedly on board!

It’s safe to say that we, and the rest of the Twittersphere, were not prepared for the news and didn’t quite know how to react…

Charlie quit the rock-pop band in 2005 and insisted that he would never return following a bitter break-up, he even released a statement saying: “I want to make it unequivocally clear that I have no interest whatsoever in rejoining Busted and I never will.”

However, it seems that former band mates Matt Willis and James Bourne have managed to twist his arm up his back, as Simpson has reportedly agreed to come back and they even have their sights set on an arena tour! Can we reserve our tickets now please?!?

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A source told The Sun newspaper: “Busted are re-forming by the end of the year and Charlie is part of the band again. It’s amazing because Matt and James have always said there’s more chance of pigs flying than Charlie coming back to Busted.”

We admit that we had to double-check our calendars to make sure that this wasn’t an April Fools prank… but thankfully, we’re a few months out.

“But this is something that has been secretly discussed for a number of months – it was important the three guys felt they could work together again and get along as friends.”

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Matt and James have already experienced success post-Busted years, as they joined forces with McFly to from the super group McBusted in 2013 but Charlie isn’t missing out this time around…

The insider added: “Obviously McBusted’s success, including financially, must have had something to do with Charlie’s decision.” …We can hear his piggy bank filling up already!

After six or seven years without contact, the trio got back in touch last year and managed to regain their friendship.

As the news broke last night, Twitter reached whole new levels of cray as people shared their reactions. Here are some of our favourites:

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