Two men attempt to snatch 10-year-old girl walking her dog off the street

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Police are hunting two men who tried to kidnap a ten-year-old girl on Tolladine Road in Worcester. (SWNS)
Police are hunting two men who tried to kidnap a ten-year-old girl on Tolladine Road in Worcester. (SWNS)

Police are hunting two men who tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl off the street as she walked her dog.

The victim was just yards from her home when the two men began to chase her on Tolladine Road in Worcester last Monday – sometime between 7.50pm and 8.20pm. 

The girl managed to get away but her mother, Natalie Harrison, 33, said the family are “shaken up”. 

Harrison is now warning other parents in the area to be on their guard.

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Writing on Facebook, she said her daughter realised she was being followed when a van began driving past her slowly as she was walking the dog.

She wrote: “One of the men jumped out the back of the van and began to chase her as she tried to escape.”

He chased her most of the way home, stopping just as she reached the alleyway before her house", she added.

“I’m just so thankful she used her intuition and started running when she did,” her mother said.

“We’re so shaken up. I keep looking at every car that drives past. I’m scared to leave the house. 

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“I just want them off the streets so that the children are safe.”

Harrison, who has three children, added: “She went into her shell and didn’t want to talk about it. She was even afraid to talk to the police.

“I feel scared to even let her out of my sight.”

A resident’s CCTV captured footage of the white Renault Kangoo van as West Mercia Police launched a manhunt for the two men. 

The pair are described as Asian, middle-aged and one was around 6ft tall with a beard and was wearing a dark grey tracksuit.

It comes as the latest of eight attempted kidnapping in Worcester in recent months.

Ellesse Robinson, 15, was left sobbing when she fled four men who tried to snatch her off the street on 20 September last year.

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The schoolgirl was walking to a shop at 7pm when a car pulled up next to her.

The next day, Keeley Austen-Marsden, 21, was chased by two men as she walked a mile from where Ellesse was approached.

Later that evening three girls, including one aged just eight, were approached by men two miles away.

The girls were followed by the men before they ran into a Co-op shop where the police were called.

West Mercia Police said they do not believe the incidents are related but have stepped up patrols across the city.

Chief Inspector Tanya Beckett said: “We are investigating thoroughly including visits to gain any relevant information.

“We have viewed nearby CCTV and have additional officers on patrol in the area this evening to reassure members of public.”

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