Two-thirds of Himalayan glaciers ‘will melt due to climate change’, scientists warn

Rob Waugh
Soon the Himalayas will be bare rock (AP)

The icy peaks of the Himalayas are under threat from climate change caused by human action – and two-thirds of Himalayan glaciers could melt.

If global warming continues, the melt would disrupt water supplies for billions of people, as the mountains transform into bare rock by 2100.

The region is known as the world’s ‘Third Pole’, and is home to Everest and K2.

Even if the world succeeds in cutting carbon emissions, a third of the glaciers will still melt, rising to two-thirds if we continue as we are.

​Even if Paris climate agreement goals are met, scientists say the Himalayas are set to lose more than 30 percent of their glaciers by 2100.

Floods from the melting glacial ice could also disrupt crops along rivers such as the Ganges and the Indus, the researchers warn.

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Philippus Wester, a scientist with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development said, ‘This is the climate crisis you haven’t heard of.

‘Global warming is on track to transform the frigid, glacier-covered mountain peaks … to bare rocks in a little less than a century.’

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