Tyler Perry leaves $21,000 tip to support out of work servers in Atlanta restaurant

Megan C. Hills
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Actor and producer Tyler Perry has made social distancing $21,000 easier for a local restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

Perry, who is known for his charitable work, reportedly left a $500 tip for each of the 42 workers of one of his favourite restaurants according to TMZ.

The filmmaker is said to frequent a restaurant called Houston’s, which is part of a bigger chain in the US.

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TMZ reported that Perry went to a location on the Northside Parkway, which closed its dine-in service but is still offering take out.

He is said to have left a hefty $21,000 tip to support workers who were laid off. Evening Standard Insider has reached out to Houston's for comment.

In March, the establishment asked its regulars to continue to support local restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic.

It wrote on Instagram, “Please support your favorite restaurants (ours and others, too) with takeaway orders. The hospitality industry needs your support like never before.”

Georgia governor Brian Kemp recently introduced an executive shelter in place order for the entire state, though Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms introduced one for the area earlier.

Georgia has 6,742 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 219 related deaths according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Recently, Perry started the #HesGotTheWholeWorldChallenge on Instagram - singing the classic religious tune of the same name.

Like Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot's cover of 'Imagine', celebrities such as Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Hudson and more joined him in an at-home version of the song and he called for people to “add to this simple song in every nation as we let it become a prayer for the whole world.”

In 2019, he also assisted with disaster relief after the Bahamas was hit by Hurricane Dorian.

Perry, who called himself an “adoptive son” of the area, reportedly allowed his seaplane to be used to transport supplies and in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, he donated $1 million to relief efforts.

He made history last October when he opened Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, converting a former confederate army base into a hub for television and film productions.

With each soundstage named after African American icons, high profile stars such as Oprah, Beyonce, Halle Berry and more attended to celebrate its opening - which marked him as the first African American filmmaker to ever own a studio outright without corporate backers or partners.