Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk radio coverage: Can you listen to the fight live?

Tyson Fury fights Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia tonight
Tyson Fury fights Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia tonight -Credit:Getty Images

The heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is one of the most highly anticipated bouts in recent memory, expected to generate significant pay-per-view revenue. Boxing fans worldwide will be watching as the first undisputed champion in this weight division since Lennox Lewis in 1999 is crowned.

For the first time in this century, two fighters will compete for this unique historical position, with the WBC, WBA, WBO, and IBF titles up for grabs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Both contenders know that sporting immortality awaits the victor at the Kingdom Arena on May 18.

After being rescheduled due to 'The Gypsy King' sustaining a facial injury during training for the original February date, anticipation for this era-defining match has grown over the intervening months. With the event taking place in the Gulf State this week, the dramatic lead-up to the clash has been fitting for a box office hit.

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The tone for what promises to be a tense encounter was set earlier in the week when Fury's father John was involved in an unsightly altercation with a member of Usyk's team. At a subsequent press conference, Fury Jr. even declined to make eye contact with his Ukrainian opponent, reports the Express.

While boxing enthusiasts will have a plethora of platforms to choose from to watch the contest - including DAZN PPV, Sky Sports Box Office or TNT Sports Box Office for £24.95 - the option to tune in via radio won't be available for this fight. This is due to the fact that neither the BBC nor talkSPORT managed to secure a deal for live broadcast coverage, as reported by The Times.

Both fighters seem to be eagerly anticipating their upcoming clash, with Fury expressing his readiness at the pre-fight press conference: "I'm ready. I've got nothing to say. I'm ready for a good fight. If it's tough or easy. Either way I'll be ready."

In contrast to his earlier face-off, the 35-year-old titan appeared to be in a more sportsmanlike mood, expressing his hope that both he and his opponent would come out of the fight unharmed. He said of his adversary: "God bless him. I'll say a prayer for him before the fight for us both to get out of the ring safely.

"I'm going to make this short and simple. I want to thank god for the victory that I've received already. I want to thank everybody involved in putting this massive event on. I want to thank Usyk for challenging. Thanks to all the fans that travelled over to support me. I know it's tough times at the moment and times are hard so I want to put on a show."

Usyk expressed his eagerness to test his skills against Fury, conveying a sense of honour about the upcoming bout that promises to etch the victor's name in the annals of boxing history. He stated: "Thank you very much. I'm ready, I've got nothing to say apart from I'm ready for a good fight. If it's tough or easy, either way I'll be ready."

Fury, addressing his behaviour during the face-off, dismissed any suggestions of feeling under pressure, saying: "I'm just here to relax now and wait until I get in the ring on Saturday night. All the talking and interviews are done. I'm just really relaxed and focused."