UK 28C heatwave will hit in July with exact start and end date announced

A heatwave set to hit in mid-July may only last for a fleeting period, according to forecasters. Netweather has predicted highs of 28C in July, with July 14 earmarked as the day the sweltering and sizzling conditions return following last week's 30C heatwave.

Netweather has warned the heatwave will be brief, though, with the mercury set to stick around the high-20s til July 16. Netweather, which projects the weather on its website, said: "Confidence in the extent and timing of these hot and sunny spells is low, but it looks somewhat likely that this period will be warmer than average, possibly by 2C or more in some areas of the country."

The Met Office forecast from July 2 to July 17 reads: "Sunday looks most likely to be a fairly cool and showery day, similar to Saturday although with lighter winds which gives a greater chance for some places to catch a slow-moving heavy downpour.

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"Sunny spells too. Into the following week, further cloud and rain bearing weather systems are likely to move into at least the west of the UK, accompanied by stronger winds at times, continuing the recent changeable theme.

"However, there are tentative signs that further into next week, conditions may begin to gradually turn a bit more settled, at least for a time. This particularly so across eastern parts, with temperatures more widely trending back up to average and then potentially above average as the week progresses."

The mid-July to late-July forecast adds: "There has been an emerging trend towards more settled and possibly warmer weather in the run up to this period, which appears to have been brought forward from the middle of the month.

"This may well continue through to the start of this period with drier conditions a little more likely than normal. However, as we go through the rest of the month, the latest information suggests that a return to cooler and more unsettled weather is now slightly favoured.

"The forecast signals are all rather weak and conflicting, so confidence in a definitive story at this range can be nothing other than very low."