UK to experience first 29C heatwave this year as North African plume arrives

An autumn sunrise glows over the horizon on the Plain, Whiteshill, Stroud, Gloucestershire
-Credit: (Image: Simon Pizzey / SWNS)

The latest weather maps indicate that the UK could soon be enjoying its first 29C heatwave of the year. Despite a gloomy and unusually cold start to summer, things might be about to heat up.

Forecasters at Netweather. tv suggest that all hope is not lost, even though the longest day of the year is just five days away - signalling the gradual return of darker evenings, reports Bristol Live.

With peak temperatures barely exceeding 25C, there has been no sign of sustained hot weather hitting the UK. However, a North African plume could hit the country before the end of the month.

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This heatwave is predicted to arrive via Europe with a sting in its tail - with June 29 being the second last day a red highlight covers the country, indicating a rise in temperatures. Northern France will experience a sizzling 31C, losing at least two degrees as it crosses the Channel to Britain.

The southern coast of England is expected to record the highest temperature, with parts of Sussex set to endure scorching highs of 29C, reports the Express.

However, other regions of the country won't be far behind. Counties such as Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Greater London, Surrey, and Berkshire are due to experience highs of 28C.

Birmingham and other areas of the West Midlands will swelter in highs of 27C, while Manchester and Liverpool are likely to see 26C. Temperatures will drop further north, with towns and cities near Newcastle experiencing 22C.

Cardiff is set to bask in a moderate 25C, but despite promising early signs from weather maps, forecasters at Netweather have warned that this isn't a guarantee.

Forecaster Ian Simpson said: "There is some chance of some of that North African and southern European heat making its way to the British Isles towards the end of June, depending on whether the ridges of high pressure from the Azores align in such a way that we pull in hot air masses from the south and south-east, but this is not a certainty.

"Predominantly west to south-westerly winds and ridges of high pressure [will be] moving in from the Azores at times, interspersed with periods of more unsettled weather with low-pressure systems coming in off the North Atlantic."

The Met Office's long-range forecast doesn't hint at a heatwave, but it does suggest temperatures are set to rise. Up until June 29 it states: "Into the last week of June, changeable conditions are likely, with the focus for these conditions being across the north and west, with spells of more settled and drier conditions likely in the south and east. Nationwide, temperatures are expected to be close to or slightly above average."