UK to be hotter than Milan and Florence in 20C 'mini heatwave'

Weather maps show the UK will experience temperatures exceeding 20C
Weather maps show the UK will experience temperatures exceeding 20C -Credit:WXCharts

The UK is to bask in a 20C "mini heatwave" next week as the country will be hotter than Milan and Florence, new weather maps indicate. The UK will experience warm weather from Monday to Tuesday, May 13 and 14, according to forecasters at WX Charts and Netweather.

Temperatures will be above 15C across most of the country, weather experts reveal. The mercury rise to as high as 21C on Monday, Netweather reports, in places like Coventry, Liverpool and London, reports DailyExpress.

The Midlands and the south of the country could continue seeing strong sunshine while things cool down a little on Tuesday. Scotland will see temperatures of about 10C, where the coolest parts of the country will be.

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The period will not officially be a heatwave despite the warmer weather. A heatwave is defined as lasting for at least three days in a row, while daily temperatures reaching or exceeding 25C, according to the Met Office.

For the same period the national forecaster predicted "fine and dry" weather for the majority of Britain. Its forecast for the period between Friday, May 10 and Sunday, May 19, read: "There is a strong signal for high pressure across the UK at the start of this period, bringing a good deal of fine and dry weather for most areas, though with patchy mist and fog in places each morning.

"Northwestern parts of the UK are likely to be the exception to this, with more in the way of cloud and rain at times here." It continues: "The high is likely to maintain its influence into the weekend before starting to weaken during the following week.

"A continuation of largely fine weather seems likely for most through the first few days, before a return of less settled conditions during the week. Temperatures are expected to be slightly above normal for early May, with some very warm days possible."

For the current week, the Met Office predicted cloudy and showery weather, but so far things have been warm in the south, with London seeing temperatures of about 20C today. Its forecast read: "Showers fewer in number and less heavy on Tuesday. Staying mostly fine and warm through the middle of the week, though some rain far northwest at times."