New UK road law means fines of £9,000 per van and £15,000 per car

Major car brands are risking being fined up to £165million for not producing enough electric vehicles. The Zero Emission Vehicle mandate was introduced at the beginning of this year as a way to get manufacturers to increase output of cleaner vehicles for consumers.

Car makers are required to have at least 22 per cent of total sales be zero emission before the end of the year, before reaching 80 per cent in 2030 and 100 per cent in 2035. New AutoMotive has revealed that some brands face fines of £9,000 per van and £15,000 per car for missing the thresholds.

Ben Nelmes, CEO of New AutoMotive, said: "This month's data tells a story not only of a growing market but a maturing market with growing consumer choice as brands respond to the UK's world-leading Zero Emission Vehicle mandate by growing their range of electric options.

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"With the General Election campaign underway, these results show a strong swing towards electric cars. Whoever forms the next Government should commit to maintain the UK's leadership on cleaner, cheaper transport."

Carl Gurney, Director of Renewable Energy at Gallagher UK said, “The ZEV mandate is welcome news as it provides clarity for the sector and the transition will benefit people’s health as well the climate. The next step is to make vehicles affordable and in time create a second hand car market which will assist and then ensure there is sufficient infrastructure to meet the demands that will follow.

"Our responsibility now lies with making sure our insurer partners are in line with technology and policy developments to ensure the motor industry and charging operators have commercially viable risk transfer solutions.” Technology and Decarbonisation Minister Anthony Browne said previously: "Alongside us having spent more than £2 billion in the transition to electric vehicles, our zero emission vehicle mandate will further boost the economy and support manufacturers to safeguard skilled British jobs in the automotive industry.

”We are providing investment certainty for the charging sector to expand our charging network which has already grown by 44% since this time last year. This will support the constantly growing number of EVs in the UK, which currently account for over 16% of the new UK car market.”