UK set to roast in 27C heatwave next weekend and it will last 'three days'

A 27C heatwave will hit the country and last three days as Britain finally basks in some warmer weather amid a disappointingly drab June. The thermometer will spike to 27C in London across a 72 hour period from Sunday June 23 onwards.

Newcastle, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the south of England, including the capital city London, will bask in a three-day blast until Tuesday June 25. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said: “If it comes off it looks like a short transfusion of very warm and somewhat humid weather, ahead of an approaching Atlantic frontal system.

"So, a southerly airstream c/o Spain and France. Expect widespread 20-22C, tops of 25-26C South East England and Moray Firth region.” He added: “However, don’t hold your breath, it has yet to happen and if it does it’s unlikely to last.”

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The BBC Weather team has promised "summery interludes" from June 23 to June 30, adding: "In the last week of June, there are signs that high air pressure will build up near or over parts of the UK for an extended period. The latter increases the likelihood that temperatures will continue to rise and that it will become drier and calmer on average."

"In southern England and Wales, there is even a chance of very warm conditions later on. In Scotland at least, there is a risk of somewhat wetter and windier conditions. As areas of low pressure are likely to move north of the UK or over northern Scotland, there is a greater chance of warmer, calmer and drier weather in England and Wales in the first week of July," it added.

"Given the variable weather forecast models, conditions could be more changeable, windier and cooler at times. There is also a continued risk of high pressure shifting west of the UK and a generally cooler north-westerly flow becoming established for a while," it also said.

It went on: "To summarise, the trend towards calmer and even summery conditions will continue somewhat after mid-June, at least temporarily, although other solutions are also possible."