UK thugs chase a man after hacking at him with giant knives and machetes

Chilling footage shows the moment a gang of thugs chased a man along a street in broad daylight after hacking at him with giant knives and machetes. The four-on-one attack erupted in the middle of a residential road as shocked homeowners and passing motorists watched on in horror. The group of yobs can be seen legging after another man, who is also armed with a huge blade, while brandishing the weapons in Alum Rock, Birmingham. The footage begins with the lone knifeman swinging a machete at the approaching attackers before he decides to flee for his safety. One onlooker can be heard saying "madness in Alum Rock man" as the hooded gang of four give chase shouting obscenities. Motorists beep their horns and one postwoman can be seen leaning on a lamppost watching the violence unfold on Alum Rock Road. The dramatic footage, obtained by the Birmz is Grime blog, has been viewed thousands of times since being uploaded to Instagram. One web user wrote: "Sad to see this man. Them blades are huge!" while another put: "This is scarily all too common now, differences being settled by weapons." Another said: "This a mad accurate example of why it's not good to be known for carrying tools, because anyone you got beef with will come back at you with tools." One person added: "Is this really the world we live in now, where gangs of knife-wielding thugs openly fight in the street in broad daylight." Another commented: "Those aren't just kitchen knives, look at the size of them! People are walking our streets with these. Absolutely bonkers." *This video was filmed 13th September 2021.

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