UK tourists outraged over Union Jack 'Brexit slight' in France and say 'it's wrong'

The decision has been met with fury from Brits after a French town opted to mark the D-Day landings and Second World War commemoration event without using the Union Jack.
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Brits have been left incensed after a French town decided to commemorate D-Day without displaying the Union Flag, in what has been perceived as a slight related to Brexit. The event, which honours the pivotal Second World War landings, conspicuously omitted the UK's flag from its decorations.

Photographs from the scene show bunting adorned with various international flags, including those of Switzerland, Ireland, and Sweden - countries that remained neutral during the war. Carole Zarb, 54, a member of the local tourism board, pointed fingers at the town hall for the controversial decision.

However, another resident suggested: "We think it is because of Brexit. We are not behind their decision." For the latest Welsh news delivered to your inbox sign up to our newsletter

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The incident was brought to light on Twitter by user Ben Mayne, who posted: "Yesterday with @ErikDorrGMOH @WeHappyFew506 @LegerBattleTour we looked at the battles around Carentan. From Purple Heart Lane to walking through Easy Companys attack on Carentan from the west. The group also got to hear lots of stories on Easy Company veterans plus others from @WW2TV who met us at locations and did the walk with the group."

Neil Geddes, a 59-year-old engineer hailing from Fleetwood, Lancashire, expressed his dismay to The Sun, stating: "It's wrong, considering our involvement in France's evacuation and liberation.", reports Birmingham Live.

Another individual passionately remarked: "For the brave contribution our country gave to defeating evil we should never be forgotten." And one disgruntled traveller commented: "French forget how many military from U and Commonwealth Countries, US and Russia died to free France after they had capitulated to Adolf Hitler because they didn't want to fight anymore or see their cities destroyed. Next time you are on your own."

Another vented: "It cannot be blamed on Brexit only on ingratitude some thing is not unusual in the French mentality, they have been continually help out of a hole they have dug for themselves and it is of course highly embarrassing ! ". A third added: "Hopefully a Scottish flag will be flying when independence is achieved and we are back in a world leading union,".