UK tourists risk up to £3,388 fines for arguing in popular holiday hotspot

Holidaymakers from the UK who are heading to Dubrovnik, now famed for being a Star Wars and Game of Thrones filming location, have been warned over the issue.
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Getting into a heated argument with your partner while on holiday could end up being more than just emotionally costly.

A loud spat could see both parties slapped with a substantial fine, adding financial strain to what might already be a tense situation.

The UK Government's foreign travel advice highlights that in one European destination, bickering has been deemed "antisocial behaviour".

As per the guidance on the official UK Government website: "In some Croatian town centres, including tourist destinations like Split and Dubrovnik, you can get on-the-spot fines for behaviour seen as inappropriate."

Engaging in "verbal abuse, such as shouting or arguing" could hit your wallet hard, potentially costing up to "4,000 euros", which is approximately £3,388, reports the Express.

Even a simple exchange of harsh words in public could be interpreted as a "public order disturbance".

This rule isn't limited to couples; it applies to any heated disagreements, whether with family members, friends, or significant others.

Holidays can be hotbeds for conflict, given the close quarters and constant companionship. For those who struggle to maintain composure during a dispute, it's important to be mindful of the volume of your voice.

Additionally, places like Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia have strict rules against "drunken behaviour" among tourists.

Rowdy drunken antics in these picturesque town centres could also result in a substantial fine.

Interestingly, even though it's likely less costly than a 4,000 euro fine, strolling through the town centre in swimwear could still hit your wallet.

Other immediate fines include consuming alcohol in public areas, urinating or vomiting in public spaces, wandering through the towns shirtless, and scaling monuments.