UK tourists in Spain given 'two instructions' by ambassador as tensions rise

The UK Ambassador to Spain has begged British holidaymakers and tourists to to “show responsibility” in holiday hotspots this year. It comes amid rising tensions in the likes of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, where locals have protested over "overtourism".

Hugh Elliott urged UK tourists to "be responsible" in Spain and "appreciate" the destination. Mr Elliott held talks with the President of the Balearics government, Marga Prohens, earlier this week ahead of the spring and summer getaway for Brits.

Speaking to Majorca Daily Bulletin, Mr Elliott also said: "I hope that the 90 day rule will be scrapped." In a wide-ranging interview he discussed his time in Spain, the 90 day rule, TIE cards and relations with the country amid protests over tourism.

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Responding to the warning, one Brit fumed on social media: "Without tourism Spain's economy would be in the gutter. Oranges and olive oil won't make it. Who is making the big money out of the tourist industry and raising the cost of property rents? The Spanish."

But another sniped: "No excuses for this behaviour. Simply apply tourist tax to any alcohol in bar hotel or supermarket. 10 euros per item." Another raged: "Yet these same countries have opened up hundreds of additional flights routes to their countries. Funny that…"

Another said: "Quite normal. They do want tourists, so the extra flights. They just demand they behave correctly." Another wrote: "Sadly, there are a small % of young people who have no respect for anything. Louts is what I call them"

Another wrote: "There are quite a few “idiots” who appreciate the fact that the green A4 hasn’t got an expiry date, whereas the “new” biometric card does. They also dislike the thought of being fingerprinted. If it’s not obligatory, I reckon it’s up to each individual and nobody else.."