UK weather: Snow and flooding hit parts of Britain

Mark Shackleton's picture shows snow covering Princetown, Dartmoor, last night in unseasonal conditions. (SWNS/Mark Shackleton) (SWNS/Mark Shackleton)

Britons could be forgiven for thinking summer may finally be on the way - but some parts of the UK are enduring one last wintry weather blast.

Cold temperatures and heavy rainfall in Devon and Yorkshire have subjected some areas to flooding and even snow, as spring and summer continue to stay away.

Forecasters said the conditions were 'fairly unusual for May', as winds of 65mph struck the south west overnight. There was also reported snowfall in Shropshire.

Trees came down and homes were left without power in Cornwall, while 14 flood alerts remain in place in the south west following heavy rain on Monday.

In Shropshire, almost three inches of snow fell in Newcastle-on-Clun, near the Welsh border.

Mike Steedman, owner of the Anchor Inn in the hills above Newcastle-on-Clun, near Clun said: 'It started at about 11pm and it came in wet and heavy.

'It’s beginning to go now, but it had settled to about two inches.'

Several roads were closed due to flash flooding and two local rivers were slapped with a flood warning.

Western Power Distribution said 280 houses were left without power near Redruth in Cornwall at 0700 GMT "as a result of weather-related incidents".


Two flood warnings were in place in Shropshire with a further 22 flood alerts in force across the southern England and Wales, including one on the River Tamar on the border of Devon and Cornwall.

A Met Office yellow warning was in place in Wales early on Wednesday as the unseasonal blast of cold and wet weather continued to sweep northeastwards across the country.

Calum MacColl, forecaster at the Met Office, said: 'From 6pm last night until 6am this morning gauges show between 21 and 27mm of rain in parts of Shropshire. It was certainly a wet night.


'This system is moving out into the North Sea and it opens the door for a more showery regime.

Claire Austin, a forecaster at MeteoGroup, said: 'In the south we've got this band of rain which will spread to most of central and southern England and Wales.

'Further north, you're got a mix of sun and heavy showers,' she said.

The forecaster said people 'might see a little bit of sleet'.

In terms of temperature, people will want to wrap up warm as it will be 'quite a chilly day' - especially in the south as there will be a maximum temperature of 10C (50F) expected in the south west.

Elsewhere, people can expected highest temperatures of 12C or 13C in northern England and north eastern Scotland.


Northern Ireland also experienced mixed weather with sunshine, heavy showers and thunder all expected.

Ms Austin said that while it was rather cold for the time of the year, it was not out of the ordinary.

'It's a little bit chillier than average, but not significantly,' she said.

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