UK weather: Easter weekend to see mini heatwave of up to 24C

Kate Ng
The beginning of Easter weekend will bring high temperatures and dry weather over much of the UK: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Britons have been urged to resist going outside to enjoy the warm and sunny weather expected in the early days of the four-day Easter weekend, as temperatures are expected to peak at around 24C.

Most of the UK will be dry and warm at the beginning of the weekend, with some parts of London and the southeast reaching as high as 24C on Bank Holiday Friday and Saturday, the highest temperatures of the year so far.

According to the Met Office, there may be some isolated showers in Wales on Friday afternoon, but the risk of rain is more likely for Northern Ireland and northwest Scotland.

Saturday will see showers developing over Scotland, and moving further south on Sunday. The mini-heatwave is expected to cool off quickly as the weekend comes to an end, bringing much milder temperatures next week.

Met Office forecaster Olie Claydon said some parts of the southeast might even see a high of 26C, but warned the sunny weather would likely not be uniform across the whole of the UK.

Some areas will be cloudier, especially as Sunday approaches. "There will likely be heavy rain, as well as thunder, on Sunday – the thunder may not be widespread, but we're definitely looking at rain on Sunday for much of the country," said Mr Claydon.

He added that pollen levels over the weekend will range between moderate to high.

Next week is expected to be largely dry and settled with sunny spells, particularly in central and northern areas of the UK.

Although the mercury won’t reach as high as this weekend, temperatures will still be slightly above average for this time of the year, but there may be a risk of overnight frost developing in some central and northern areas.

Mr Claydon said: "Temperatures in London on Monday are expected to reach a high of 18C, and things get cooler the further north you go."

However, it is not encouraged for anyone to go to any public areas, including parks, to take advantage of the sunny weather in the early days of Easter weekend as coronavirus lockdown measures continue to impact daily life.

Mr Claydon reiterated the government's advice to stay inside no matter what the weather is, in line with lockdown measures to keep the spread of coronavirus under control.

The Met Office said: “Whatever the weather over the long holiday weekend we are all being urged to remember the government coronavirus guidelines to stay at home.

“Do not go out to meet others, even friends or family, as it is possible to spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

“Only go out side for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home), always stay two metres (six feet) away from other people and wash your hands as soon as you return home.”

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