UK weather forecast: Heavy rain, hail and thunder set to strike as temperatures plunge

Sean Morrison
The UK could face some severe winds early next week: Carl Court/Getty Images

Downpours are again set to sweep across the country, with potential thunderstorms and hail on the way in some regions.

Forecasters have warned of gales reaching speeds of up to 60mph across the western coast of Scotland and northern England on Friday morning.

And heavy rain is expected to batter Wales and much of south-west England throughout the day, with hail and thunder a possibility.

Met Office meteorologist Aiden McGivern said: “It’s a lively start to the day [across Scotland] with a brisk breeze, with gales across the western coast reaching 60 mph as showers move from the west to the north.

“As we come further south – Wales, the South West – there will be some downpours, with hail and thunder possible… Some sunshine there in eastern England, a dry start in places.”

He added: “It will be a colder day compared with Thursday, with temperatures not far from the January average.

Frost is expected to form overnight, with temperatures plunging below zero.

Mr McGivern said: “For many it will be a frosty night, in fact a widespread frost is expected across the country with temperatures at or below freezing, helped by a ridge of high pressure.”

Looking ahead to Saturday, he added: “Although it will be a cold start, blue skies will follow… for the majority it will be a crisp, sunny, winter’s day.”