UK weather: Highs of 23C forecast for parts of the country as warm spell reaches its peak

Samuel Lovett
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AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

Parts of the UK are expected to see temperatures reach 23C on Wednesday, as the country’s unseasonably warm weather reaches its peak.

Most areas of Britain are set to remain dry “with a mixture of cloud and warm bright or sunny spells”, according to the Met Office.

Rainfall and thick cloud cover is forecast for Northern Ireland and Scotland, while the south of England may experience the occasional shower.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said that the west of England was also likely to experience the “odd short, sharp shower”.

London is set to peak at 23C on Wednesday afternoon, while temperatures are expected to reach 14C in northern areas such as Newcastle and Liverpool.

Meteorologists are warning of high pollen levels in the hottest parts of the country.

Temperatures in Scotland are predicted to creep into double figures but this comes amid repeated outbreaks of rain.

Mr McGivern added: “More persistent wet weather into the north west of Scotland, and perhaps northern Ireland along with a freshening wind, in between clear spells and a chilly start.”

Later in the week, temperatures will drop and there will be a greater chance of rain, with the Met Office describing the upcoming Easter weekend as “more changeable”.

The weather is set to change from Thursday, becoming “more unsettled” and bringing the prospect of increased rainfall.

Temperatures will also plunge to nearer the monthly average. In England, the average temperature for April stands at around 12.5C.

With the UK still in lockdown as part of efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, people were warned over the weekend not to put lives at risk by visiting beaches, parks and other beauty spots during the recent warm weather.

Reports emerged of police officers ordering members of the public, who were in breach of containment regulations, to return to their homes.

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