UKIP's freepost address closed after party receives blood and FAECES

UKIP's freepost address closed after party receives blood and FAECES

The UK Independence Party has been forced to close its freepost address after opponents of the party sent hundreds of unpleasant packages - including human faeces and blood.

A social media campaign encouraged critics of the anti-European Union party to send leaflets, bottles of water, unwanted household items and even bricks to the address - with UKIP footing the bill.

Opponents of the party, which has been gearing up the European elections in May, took to Twitter to show off their personalised parcels they sent to UKIP.

The items included bricks wrapped in UKIP leaflets and a copy of Fyodor Dostoevsky's 'The Idiot' with leader Nigel Farage's face superimposed onto the cover.

But UKIP's Bexley branch revealed on Twitter the address had been closed, after some people allegedly posted packages containing human faeces and blood.

They tweeted: 'What kind of person sends faeces or blood to a political party? Are people OK?'

The political party has been hit with a number of controversies in recent weeks.

UKIP council candidate William Henwood resigned after tweeting comedian Lenny Henry should 'go and live in a black country'.

But the funnyman from Dudley got his own back after an advert for Premier Inn featured Henry, the brand's ambassador, settling down for the night with the tag line 'You Kip'.  

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