Ukraine refugees homeless in UK ‘after falling out with hosts’

Community groups have warned Ukrainian refugees are getting kicked out of sponsor family homes (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Community groups have warned Ukrainian refugees are getting kicked out of sponsor family homes (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Ukrainian refugees are being left homeless as relationships with host families in the UK break down, community groups have warned.

The issues have been reported with the Homes for Ukraine scheme, which allows Britons to sponsor and host those fleeing the warzone in eastern Europe.

Disagreements between refugees and host families - including over costs and different lifestyles - have resulted in Ukrainians being turfed out, according toThe Guardian.

Others reportedly include conflicts caused by communication problems, a lack of proper house rules and personality clashes.

“Our community is seeing these cases frequently and our perception is that they’re increasing,” Iryna Terlecky from the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain told The Guardian.

One case reported by the newspaper included a host that was strictly vegetarian and did not want meat in the house, which caused tension resulting in the host wanting the refugee family to leave as soon as possible.

Councils have previously warned relationship breakdowns with hosts were leaving Ukrainians in the UK without a place to stay.

The Local Government Association found at least three dozen Ukrainian households had registered as homeless in the UK within the first two weeks of the Homes for Ukraine scheme opening.

Reports of Ukrainians being kicked out of homes have sparked calls for a rematching system for those who have arrived on the Homes for Ukraine scheme but need to find a new host family.

A Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities spokesperson said: “We do not recognise these claims - more than 46,100 people have arrived through both Ukraine schemes and the vast majority of these are settling in well.”

They added: “There are stringent safeguarding measures in place for the Homes for Ukraine scheme and according to council data reports, very few of these sponsorships are breaking down.

“Where they do, councils are able to provide support or find a more suitable sponsor.”

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