Ulrika Jonsson says she was kicked off dating app Hinge for 'no reason'

Ulrika Jonsson's Hinge account has been removed. (PA)
Ulrika Jonsson's Hinge account has been removed. (PA)

Ulrika Jonsson was left annoyed after being booted off dating app Hinge.

The former Gladiators presenter - who has been open about using dating apps - shared a screengrab on Instagram of the message she had received from Hinge, telling her fans there was "no reason" for it.

The message said: "Your account has been removed. You have been banned from using Hinge for violating our Terms of Service."

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Jonsson, 55, slapped her own comment over the top, saying: "Nice one Hinge. No reason. Maybe you should spend a bit more time banning the countless catfish I’ve had to endure."

The TV star has had her Hinge account removed. (Ulrika Jonsson Instagram)
The TV star has had her Hinge account removed. (Ulrika Jonsson Instagram)

"I await your response Hinge," she added.

The TV star told The Sun: "I just woke up and was told I'd been banned. I suspect it's that someone reported me for impersonating Ulrika Jonsson."

Mum-of-four Jonsson has previously said she used dating apps and last year told how she kept getting confronted by racy pictures on Tinder.

She wrote in her column in The Sun: "There seemed to be a pattern to how conver­sations would go with younger guys. They would initiate conver­sation, enquiring as to how I was and then, two or three questions in, they would ask if I wanted to be furnished with a picture of their Sgt Major.

"I think, from that moment on, I always knew I wasn’t likely to find love’s young dream in this way."

Ulrika Jonsson also tried Tinder. (WireImage)
Ulrika Jonsson also tried Tinder. (WireImage)

However, it seems the star is also open to meeting a man in the old-fashioned way.

Discussing restrictions during the COVID lockdown she said she was looking forward to "little things" such as "kissing a stranger".

She told Best magazine: "I'm not suggesting it happens weekly but it's a rite of passage and a profound life-affirming act of sheer abandon.

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"All these little signs of normal life I refuse to let go of. I want to go to a pub and kiss a stranger."

Yahoo has contacted Hinge for comment.

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