Ulrika Jonsson counting down to date she can go out and have sex with strangers

Ulrika Jonsson has confessed she is counting down the days until restrictions are lifted so she can go out and have sex with strangers.

The 53-year-old TV presenter has been very open about her search for love since her divorce from third husband Brian Monet in April 2019 and admitted living in lockdown is driving her wild.

Jonsson told Best magazine it was the "little things" she is looking forward to: "Like kissing a stranger, I'm not suggesting it happens weekly but it's a rite of passage and a profound life-affirming act of sheer abandon.

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"All these little signs of normal life I refuse to let go of. I want to go to a pub and kiss a stranger.

Ulrika Jonsson opened up on 'First Dates Hotel'. (Channel 4)
Ulrika Jonsson took part in First Dates Hotel in 2019. (Channel 4)

"I want to go to a restaurant and get completely blathered and then have sex with two handfuls of strangers.

"Obviously some parts of that statement are not correct and I'm not suggesting it's a good idea, but you get the gist.

"It's almost as if these mandatory lockdowns are propelling us into wild and crazy, exaggerated thoughts about what we hope will be our new normal.

"We are so desperate to push the boundaries, stretch the rules, expand the confines of our minds and actions to take us to somewhere wonderful where we can reclaim some bizarre normality."

The former Gladiators presenter recently reveals she had joined dating app Tinder to find a toyboy – but was shocked by the nude photos she was confronted with.

Ulrika Jonsson stars in the ad for over-50s dating app Lumen (Credit: Rob Greig/Lumen)
Ulrika Jonsson starred in an ad for over-50s dating app Lumen. (Rob Greig/Lumen)

She said: "There seemed to be a pattern to how conver­sations would go with younger guys.

"They would initiate conver­sation, enquiring as to how I was and then, two or three questions in, they would ask if I wanted to be furnished with a picture of their Sgt Major.

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"I think, from that moment on, I always knew I wasn’t likely to find love’s young dream in this way."

Last year Jonsson said she's enjoying sex more now at the age of 53 than she did in her 30s.

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