Ulrika Jonsson gives up on Tinder after being shocked by X-rated pics

Ulrika Jonsson stars in the ad for over-50s dating app Lumen (Credit: Rob Greig/Lumen)
Ulrika Jonsson was the face of over-50s dating app Lumen - and has now joined Tinder. (Credit: Rob Greig/Lumen)

Ulrika Jonsson has revealed she has abandoned her search for a toyboy on Tinder - after being confronted with too many d*** pics.

The 53-year-old TV presenter revealed she signed up to the dating app as part of her quest for a younger man, but was shocked by what she saw.

Jonsson wrote her column in The Sun: "There seemed to be a pattern to how conver­sations would go with younger guys. They would initiate conver­sation, enquiring as to how I was and then, two or three questions in, they would ask if I wanted to be furnished with a picture of their Sgt Major.

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"I think, from that moment on, I always knew I wasn’t likely to find love’s young dream in this way."

Ulrika Jonsson opened up on 'First Dates Hotel'. (Channel 4)
Ulrika Jonsson appeared on 'First Dates Hotel' looking for love. (Channel 4)

She added: "If the script starts with a headless torso and his - or most likely someone else’s - exterior plumbing exposed, the chances are he’s not settling-down material. If he issues you with a 'shopping list' for sex, it could just be that he isn’t interested in what star sign you are."

But the mother-of-four admitted she had enjoyed the distraction and "titillation" of swiping through potential dates on the app, as it had helped her overcome some of her struggles with the latest lockdown.

Jonsson said: "There is a place and time for making superficial connections based on desire and longing. It is utterly possible to have virtual sex."

Ulrika Jonsson has said the sun is her drug of choice. (Getty Images)
Ulrika Jonsson admitted she enjoyed swiping through the dating app. (Getty Images)

In 2019 Jonsson fronted an ad campaign for an over-Fifties dating app which was banned after being ruled to be “offensive”.

The TV star has been very open about her search for love since her divorce from third husband Brian Monet in April 2019.

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Last year Jonsson said she's enjoying sex more now at the age of 53 than she did in her 30s.

Writing in her column for Best magazine, she shared: "In my 50s my approach to sex has changed so considerably I have to say I’m enjoying sex now, whenever I can access it, just as much as in my 30s if not more.

"I may not feel as confident with my body as I did when I was younger but there is a real feeling of just wanting to feel that passion again and keeping holding on to that feeling for as long as possible."

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