Woman 'Stabs Lover To Death With Stiletto Heel'

Woman 'Stabs Lover To Death With Stiletto Heel'

A woman has admitted stabbing her boyfriend to death with a stiletto high heel - but claims she was trying to protect herself.

Police say Ana Lilia Trujillo told investigators the man was attacking her and that she acted in self-defence.

She and partner Alf Stefan Andersson had been out drinking and returned to his luxury high-rise apartment together at around 2am, Harris County District Attorney spokeswoman Sara Kinney said.

Police say Trujillo, a resident of Houston, Texas, later called 911 and said she was being assaulted.

Officers arrived at the scene to find Andersson's body on the floor with multiple stab wounds to the head, which authorities said were inflicted by Trujillo's spiked-heel shoe.

The 44-year-old was charged with murder following the death on Sunday.

The University of Houston identified the 59-year-old victim as a Swedish-born research professor in the university's biology and biochemistry department.

Trujillo, who is a Mexican citizen, remains in custody on \$100,000 bail and has yet to appoint a lawyer.

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