Unique mews house up for grabs for £800,000 is 65-feet wide - but just 2.5-feet deep

It may be wider than most mansions, but this unique house is only a few feet deep.

The mews home in Knightsbridge, London, has an enviable 65-foot frontage, yet is just 2.5-feet deep at one end – and it’s set to sell for more than £800,000 at auction.

The single-storey property is thought to have around 280 sq/ft of internal space – meaning it resembles a train carriage more than a traditional residential home.

For the best part of 60 years, the corridor-shaped pad was lived in by Linda Wildoner, who moved to London from Austria after the Second World War.

She became a popular member of the local community, working as the carer and nanny to acclaimed chemist Sir Martyn Poliakoff’s children.

History – Sir Martyn Poliakoff with Linda Wildoner outside her home in London (Pictures: SWNS)

Linda died in 2010, aged 94, and the house is now being sold by Savills Auctions on behalf of the executors.

Despite being a pint-sized one-bed property and needing a full refurbishment, it has a guide price of £800,000 – three-and-a-half times the average UK house price.

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Chris Coleman-Smith, head of auctions at Savills, said: “You see narrow houses, but this is something completely different. It has a 65-foot frontage but at one end it is only around 2.5-ft deep.

“It is on a prime, creme-de-la-creme mews on Knightsbridge. It is a superb, picturesque mews. One of the top addresses.”

This unique home in Knightsbridge has a 65-foot frontage yet is just 2.5-foot deep at one end
Unique – the mews has a huge frontage, yet is just 2.5-feet deep at one end

He said: “A delightful lady lived in the home after the war and became a local character.

“It is very basic and will need a complete refurbishment. It is a brilliant. It is weird and wonderful and I’ve not come across anything like it.

“It always amazes me what people in small spaces. This is ideal for it.

“Someone will create something fantastic here. In a cobbled mews in Knightsbridge it is a great opportunity.”