Universal Orlando's New Parade Looks Amazing But Two Jaws Characters Are Stealing The Show

 Jaws on a rampage.
Credit: Universal Pictures

Universal Orlando has become a force to be reckoned with in the theme park game. Epic Universe's opening date is still a year away, but new additions to the existing parks recently have been incredible. While it may still be smaller than Walt Disney World, what Universal Orlando lacks in size it has been making up for with high-quality attractions over the last several years. There's a lot Universal Orlando does better than Disney World, and this summer that list has only gotten longer with a fun Jaws-related addition.

Universal Orlando already has many of the best Universal theme park rides but in the last month alone UOR has debuted one of the best nighttime shows I’ve ever seen in CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular and opened the new DreamWorks Land. Now, it has debuted an incredible parade with not only eye-catching floats but amazing characters.

The Universal Orlando Mega Movie Parade debuted yesterday at Universal Studios Florida. It pays tribute to some iconic Universal movies, including E.T. and Back to the Future, but the highlight may be the Jaws section. Not only does it have an impressive float, but it also has a pair of character performers playing the combative Mayor and Sheriff of Amity Island, and they are stealing the show, as one viral TikTok shows off:

In the video, the Mayor is asked if the rumors of a “shark problem” are true. He then replied by saying there were absolutely no sharks, but then the Sheriff followed closely behind insisting that there absolutely were sharks. It’s a fantastic interaction. Other guests attending the first parade had similar experiences.

The fact that the first parade happened the day before the Fourth of July was perhaps quite fitting as it gave people the chance to ask the Mayor if the beaches would be open the next day.

This is some great stuff. Universal doesn’t have the massive number of costumed characters that you’ll find in a Disney Park, but the ones they do have are incredible. You can interact with Doc Brown at Universal Studios Florida and have a full conversation with the man in character. While the Jaws characters can only have brief interactions with different guests, they add something special you don’t often see in other theme park parades.

The more traditional parade elements are no less impressive based on images from Brooke McDonald. The floats dedicated to the different Universal movie franchises are massive and full of intricate details, so even if you don’t get a chance to talk to the characters walking around, the parade is still worth seeing.

The most impressive float, however, has to be the Jurassic Park one, which includes a massive T-Rex that, despite its impressive size and motion, apparently isn’t an animated figure, but according to Universal Creative’s Michael Aiello, is actually a puppet.

The Mega Movie Parade is another home run for Universal. And the best is still yet to come. Universal Orlando’s third gate, Epic Universe, is looking incredible ahead of its opening next year. Universal is becoming a true destination vacation with some of the best entertainment I’ve seen in a long time.