'Unthinkably Stupid Behavior': CCTV Captures Woman Lying on Railway Tracks in England for Photo

A woman was caught on a security camera lying down and posing for photographs on a railway track in Sussex, England, video released by Network Rail shows.

This clip, taken from CCTV footage at Tidemills level crossing, shows a woman walking onto the train tracks before lying on her back while another woman takes photos.

Network Rail said they were concerned about a rash of risky behavior at the crossing recently. The railway said this was the 17th incident at the crossing in the last nine months, with 15 recorded near-misses, compared to four incidents in the whole of 2019.

British Transport Police Inspector Jonathan Pine said the two women were oblivious to the dangers of level crossings.

“This is unthinkably stupid behavior … Trains pass through this line at speeds of up to 70 mph, so they could quite easily have been moments away from a catastrophic incident. We’ve seen first-hand the consequences of this sort of recklessness and no photo opportunity is worth risking your life for,” Pine said.

Other concerning events recorded at Tidemills include level crossing users filming the emergency stop of an oncoming train, bicyclists narrowly missing a train, a funeral procession using the crossing, and “large groups of pedestrians” having close calls while trying to beat approaching trains, the railway said. Credit: Network Rail via Storyful