An upside down Christmas tree is the hot new trend for 2017

Alice Howarth
Alex Lentati

Have you been waiting patiently until at least the first of December to put your Christmas tree up?

Turns out that was a smart move. You may have saved yourself having to demolish it, just to turn it upside down if it’s to be on trend for 2017...

London’s Claridge's has already adopted the fashion with its Karl Lagerfeld designed mega-tree that hangs upside down from the ceiling, as has Westfield in San Francisco and California’s Hotel del Coronado.

You could say that the trend is going viral.

Twitter is awash with photos that look like they need to be rotated. Target is selling one for just under $1000 in the United States and even Argos is in on the action.

The retailer tells customers it will "make the most of [their] limited floor space" and "is a unique way to add to [their] holiday decor". Buyers can snap up the 7ft, upside down, faux conifer for a mere £189...

When it comes to planning the tree, you can forget your star or angel - you can’t squish them into the floor, can you? - but there is good news for the proud decoration owners. Because the largest section of the tree is at eye level, so many more of those glass blown, vintage baubles you've collected over the years will now be visible and we all know that's a bonus.

As for the technicalities of keeping a tree topsy-turvy, some (wise) people are using a stand to balance it but it’s considered best if you find a way to hang it from the ceiling so that the bottom isn't obstructed.

Admittedly, we're not quite sure how you do that but we imagine it involves drilling several unwelcome hooks into the cornices.

To us, the new tree position does look like it could have been conceptualised in Whoville (and that’s one of the very best festive towns of all time) but we’re not totally convinced.

One thing we do know, if you're planning to hang it, do not under any circumstances do so under the influence of too many festive tipples. It could will end in tears.

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