Urban explorer made vital check after 'priceless' discovery in abandoned barn

An urban explorer stumbled upon a treasure trove of rare and valuable cars in an unlocked barn at an undisclosed location in the UK. Colin Hodson, who shares his adventures on his Bearded Explorer YouTube channel, discovered nearly 40 unique vehicles, including a one-of-a-kind Italian sports car that is truly priceless.

Colin made sure to publish his video only after checking that the cars had been securely locked away again due to their immense value.

He expressed his astonishment at the find: "From an old F1 car to a Frazer Nash one of only two ever made! then a one-of-a-kind Nardi Silver Ray."

Colin was speechless when he came across the Nardi
Colin was speechless when he came across the Nardi -Credit:Colin Hodson / Bearded Explorer

The Silver Ray, the first Italian car to be powered by an American V8, is thought to be the only one of its kind in existence. Its history spans continents, but it somehow ended up in the possession of a British collector who seems to have forgotten about it.

Among the other gems in the overgrown barn are Aston Martins, Bentleys, and a highly sought-after classic Ferrari. Self-proclaimed petrolhead Colin described the barn find as "the greatest discovery of his career.", reports the Daily Star.

At the end of a seemingly unused track, a barn sits quietly. Its main entrance is securely locked, but luckily, a secondary door was left ajar.

Inside, Colin reveals, "We've got Aston Martins, we've got Bentleys, we've got BMWs, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Lancia we've even got some cars I've never even heard of before."

Despite the barn's exterior showing signs of severe neglect, the interior tells a different story. Apart from a few cobwebs, the cars are mostly in pristine condition.

The collection is worth "in the millions," according to Colin.

Adding an eerie touch, a set of tools has been abandoned in front of one museum-grade car, as if a mechanic had stepped out for lunch mid-repair and never returned.

A classic Alfa-Romeo, with less than 10,000 miles on the clock, sits under a thick layer of dust. Chunks of insulation foam litter its roof where the barn's ceiling is starting to crumble.

This car, like many others in this deserted workshop, hasn't seen the road in at least 45 years.

One vehicle in the collection predates the First World War, yet it remains in astonishing condition. A faded black-and-white photo of the original owner rests on one of its back seats.

The photograph is a truly remarkable artefact, adding to the value of the century-old roadster. In the same collection sits an even more ancient Studebaker, likely from the dawn of the "horseless carriages" in the early 20th century.

Colin is in awe, remarking, "They are beautiful cars they are, every single one of them."

Yet, it's the Silver Ray that steals the show: "This is potentially one of the most valuable cars in here." The Nardi, with barely a thousand miles recorded, is as much a work of art as it is a vehicle.

The license plates hint that this unique car was last on the roads of California around the mid-1980s. A fusion of American innovation and Italian design, the Silver Ray stands out as one of the crown jewels in an already extraordinary collection.