US Politics: Members of Congress arrested at abortion rights rally

At least 16 members of Congress were arrested by the Capitol Police Tuesday for blocking traffic outside the Supreme Court during an abortion rights demonstration.The House Democrats walked out of the Capitol and across the street to the Supreme Court chanting, "We aren't going back!"The group then sat down on First Street NE outside the court, blocking the road, which prompted the arrests.The lawmakers arrested included New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and California Rep. Jackie Speier.Speaking to reporter during the rally, Spier told reporters, "We are gathered here today because many of us have never been arrested for anything, but this is something that we all care deeply about.""We will do whatever is necessary to protect people and their bodies and this is one of the acts that we will engage in to make sure that those who have the ability to have control over their bodies and have historically will be able to do so in the future," she said.The lawmakers are expected to be fined and released.