US rapper Ice-T arrested after failing to pay bridge toll

US actor and rapper Ice-T has been arrested after he failed to pay a bridge toll at the George Washington Bridge.

Police said the 60-year-old was accused of theft of services after he drove through an E-ZPass lane leading to the George Washington Bridge which connects New Jersey and New York.

The musician, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, was driving a new McLaren sports car and was also penalised for not having licence plates and registration.

Ice-T reportedly forgot his electronic toll transponder, which he has for his other vehicles.

Ice-T tweeted: “Cops went a little Extra. Coulda just wrote a ticket. In and out…Moovin.”

He later tweeted a photo of himself filming scenes in Manhattan for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in which he plays Sgt Odafin Tutuola.