‘Meghan and Kate’s different treatment clear example of misogynoir’: US reacts to Oprah interview racism claims

Leah Sinclair
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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, on Oprah  (CBS Oprah )
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, on Oprah (CBS Oprah )

Viewers in the US have given their opinion on Harry and Meghan’s explosive TV interview.

The couple gave their first major TV interview with Oprah Winfrey since stepping back from the British royal family a year ago.

The pair, who are expecting their second child - a daughter - this summer, sat down for an interview with US chat host which broadcast in the States last night and will be shown tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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The couple made a number of shocking revelations, from Prince Harry’s strained relationship with Prince Charles to Meghan’s claim that the Duchess of Cambridge made her cry and that a member of the royal family was concerned about how dark their baby’s skin might be when he was born.

Since the premiere, many have discussed the interview, with some sharing their support for Meghan and her experiences as a woman of colour.

Tennis player Serena Williams tweeted that the duchess is her “selfless friend” who “teaches me every day what it means to be truly noble”.

She added: “Her words illustrate the pain and cruelty she’s experienced.

“I know first hand the sexism and racism institutions and the media use to vilify women and people of colour to minimise us, to break us down and demonise us”.

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E! News correspondent Nina Parker spoke to Meghan’s comments and why Black women ‘believe’ her.

“You know why Black women believe Meghan? Because we know exactly what microaggressions look like. And how they slowly drive you insane,” she said.

Activist and podcast host Brittany Packnett Cunningham echoed similar sentiments. She said.“The difference in treatment between Meghan and Kate is one of the clearest examples of the misogynoir at play & is a reminder that if they can do that to a Duchess, it’s happening to Black women *everyday*”.

Abby D. Phillip, CNN’s political correspondent said the interview was “heartbreaking” while People Magazine’s Michelle Tauber said, “It’s really sort of seismic to hear a member of the royal family say that she herself felt that much in crisis”.

Journalist Saeed Ahmed, assistant managing editor at CNN Digital, tweeted that “two things stood out” from the interview.

He added: “Tyler Perry offered them security when the royal family wouldn’t. Oprah allowed them to tell their story when the royal family wouldn’t.

“A Black man gave them a home. A Black woman gave them a platform.”

While many across the pond shared their support for the couple, others felt differently.

An opinion piece on the New York Post website was headlined “Meghan Markle’s interview was full of bull”.

Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly said: “I’m not buying it. NOT BUYING IT. Meghan wanted it all. MONEY GRABBING ROYALS, you Nailed it OPRAH!”

The reaction to the interview in the UK also took a different tone.

Broadcaster and journalist Piers Morgan was unimpressed with Meghan’s interview, asking on Twitter: “Is it too late for Oscar nominations?”

He also tweeted: “This interview is an absolutely disgraceful betrayal of the Queen and the royal family.

“I expect all this vile destructive self-serving nonsense from Meghan Markle - but for Harry to let her take down his family and the monarchy like this is shameful”.

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