This Is Us season 6 star dishes on Kate's potential next husband

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This Is Us spoilers follow.

This Is Us devastated fans when its season 5 finale revealed in a flash-forward that Kate is set to split from long-term partner Toby Damon.

Having clashed previously about Toby's acceptance of a job in San Francisco, Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) eventually decided to compromise and work on their marriage together. So it was quite the shock when the last episode of the latest chapter saw Kate preparing to get hitched to someone else: the grumpy music teacher at Jack Jr's school.

Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images

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Now, Chris Geere – who plays Kate's future love interest Phillip – has teased new details about their romance ahead of the show's sixth and final outing, and explained how daunting it is to be tasked with encouraging viewers to give his character a chance when his "working relationship" with Kate starts to slowly evolve in the upcoming episodes.

"They have this thing in England called a pantomime," the British actor told Entertainment Weekly recently. "Around Christmas time, actors dress up as characters, like Cinderella, and they do a pantomime, which is a play for a younger audience.

"There's always a pantomime villain. And every time he walks onto the stage, everyone goes, 'Booooo!' That's what I felt like: 'Oh, I'm the guy that everyone will boo at for a while.'"

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

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"As an actor, it's a huge challenge to turn that around. I have 18 episodes of TV to go from a really icy, cold, mean-ass music guy who's belligerent and hostile and ridiculous to the guy that one of the lead characters falls in love with," Geere continued. "I'm just enjoying the journey. Chrissy is just marvellous to work with. She's a lovely person. I'm here for the ride and I'm enjoying it."

During the interview, Geere also reminded worried fans that the flash-forward depicted Kate being happy within her new romance, which suggests that Phillip is a good guy really – we've just not seen that softer side to him yet.

"She's with the guy that she wants," he noted. "I just hope I can portray that guy."

This Is Us season 6 premieres in the US on NBC on Tuesday, January 4. It will air on Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in the UK from January 6.

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