Usain Bolt Moans Rihanna Is Giving Him The Runaround And Showing Him ‘No Love’

Usain Bolt has summer up the loneliness of the short distance runner.

The sprinter has moaned he has been romantically snubbed by Rihanna.

He first made a play for the Bajan in 2013 when he tweeted about her sexy dance skills.


But the fastest man in the world is still waiting for the 28-year-old singer’s call.

Bolt, 29, tried to grab Rihanna’s attention again as he mocked her latest suitor, Leonardo DiCaprio, 41.

In an online video, the track champion said: “She’s given me no love man, no love. Zero love.

“But Leo is no competition for me. I am tall, I’m handsome, I’m dark, I’m the greatest. This should be happening already.”


The Olympic gold medallist, who will defend his 100m and 200m titles at the Rio Olympics this summer, first chased the Diamonds singer when she posted a video of herself twerking online.

The Jamaican runner tweeted: ‘I clearly am in love from this dancing. If you’re not Caribbean you may not understand.’

In another video interview he begged: “I’m in love with you. Hit me up, Rihanna.”

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