'Utterly terrifying' homemade Mr Blobby costume shocks many online ahead of sale

Mr Blobby
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A terrifying homemade Mr Blobby outfit has surfaced online. Many are said to be scared by the creation which doesn't quite look like the iconic 1990s TV character.

The custom costume, bearing some resemblance to the Noel's House Party character, has been live for auction on eBay for several days and ignited considerable reaction amongst Reddit users. It was humorously termed "Mr Blobby's cousin" by some users, and even provided with its own moniker, reports the Express.

The stunning - or shocking - creation is currently listed for £999, with many unable to hold back their surprise at the design. One person said: "Was just looking up Mr Bobby costume after reading post on here, and this popped up as shopping recommendation........ Utterly terrifying, like a furry's take on crinkly bottom HP Lovecraft."

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Unsurprisingly, the costume's garish appearance did not sit well with many Reddit users, who described it as the "stuff of nightmares". Some insisted on having it destroyed.

One said: "Kill it before it lays eggs." Others were horrified, but equally drawn in by the creation. One person said: "That's absolutely horrendous. Where can I buy one? (Asking for a friend)."

In response, the original poster shared that interested parties could potentially purchase the homemade attire for nearly £1,000 on eBay. Although they made clear it should only be bought if people plan on "conducing an exorcism" after purchase.

They said: "Auction link in post.... It's handmade but a bit pricey at a grand - but open to offers apparently. My offer would be to conduct an exorcism before incinerating it to release all the trapped souls."

The eBay listing remains active and attests to the costume being constructed "to a good standard". The full advert states the costume is adult size and in "used condition".

It adds: "Hollow inside would look better with packing. 3 part set. Hand sewn. I believe it's been hand made to a good standard."

Despite the apparent high quality, certain Reddit users claim they will suffer insomnia after viewing images of the design. said: "This should have a trigger warning, I won't sleep tonight now." A second said: "Just when you thought Mr Blobby couldn't get any more cursed.."

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