'Vaccinate Me in My Thong' Viral Rapper Is YouTuber With History of Appearing at Dallas City Council

A man who performed a viral rap urging people to get vaccinated at a meeting of the Dallas City Council on January 12 is a YouTuber and actor with a history of appearing before the council in a variety of costumes on diverse topics.

Alexander Stein made his latest appearance in surgical scrubs, performing the rap in front of council members.

The Daily Dot quoted Stein as saying of the rap, “I went up there and played the buffoon.”

Lyrics of the rap include, “Vaccinate me in my thong. Vaccination, right or wrong, Dr Fauci, give me that ouchie, I want it in my body” and “vaccinate your body, vaccinate me at the party. Vaccination freak, vaccinations freak-a-leak.” Credit: Dallas City Council via Storyful

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