Vanessa Feltz 'healing' from split on family holiday in Ireland

The TV presenter recently split from her partner of 16 years after discovering he had cheated.

Watch: Vanessa Feltz is 'feeling fantastic' as she visits Ireland

Vanessa Feltz has said she is feeling "fantastic" after travelling to Ireland for a "healing" holiday following the breakdown of her relationship.

The 60-year-old TV presenter - who has separated from Ben Ofoedu, 50, after he confessed to cheating on her - shared pictures of herself and daughter Allegra on the beach looking out at Bally Cotton Island, smiling and laughing.

Feltz said in a video on Instagram: "I'm feeling fantastic! Why wouldn't I?! I'm in my beloved East Cork. Look how beautiful it is here on Ballynamona beach and I am having a wonderful time."

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Vanessa Feltz
Vanessa Feltz is on a 'healing' family trip to Ireland. (Getty Images)

She went on: "The Irish welcome - ah there's nothing like it! The air - fresh and clean!"

She captioned the post: "Back in beloved East Cork. #ballycottonisland #ballycotton #blackbirdballycotton #pure_cork #beach #family #outdoors #healing"

Feltz recently announced she had split from Ofoedu after 16 years together. She had been engaged to the Phats & Small singer since 2006.

Ofiedu has now confessed to a Sunday newspaper he had cheated on Feltz and she discovered on Christmas Day 2022 he had been exchanging sexually explicit messages with fans.

Ben Ofoedu and Vanessa Feltz have split after 16 years. (Getty)
Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu have split after 16 years. (Getty)

Ofoedu admitted: "I was sex texting somebody," adding that the fan had sent him nude photos and that while he had never sent one back, he did engage in flirty messages.

He said: "When you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t be talking to someone who your other half doesn’t know about. I can’t justify it, I knew I was in the wrong."

The singer also revealed he had cheated while in Ibiza in 2015 and the woman had contacted Feltz to tell her about the affair.

Ofoedu said: "No one knew, but I moved out for a little while. We worked it out. She forgave me. It took her a lot to do that. I knew how hurt she was. I felt absolutely terrible."

Vanessa Feltz and Allegra Kurer attend the Breast Cancer Care London Fashion Show at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel on October 03, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Breast Cancer Care)
Vanessa Feltz is in Ireland with her daughter Allegra Kurer. (Getty Images for Breast Cancer Care)

Announcing the split in a video statement Feltz said: "It's clear that it's over and I really do feel that once the trust in a relationship is gone then you can't really get it back and that's what I would tell anyone else to do."

"And so I just wanted to say that obviously I feel incredibly sad and I am pretty disappointed and shocked and all those horrible things but also full of resolve. I am not going to let this defeat me."

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Feltz has previously spoken candidly about how her ex-husband - surgeon Michael Kurer, the father of her two daughters - walked out on her after 17 years of marriage.