Vanessa Feltz opens up on date with Tinder's 'most swiped man' after Ben Ofoedu split

Vanessa Feltz may have reignited her fiery feud with Anne Robinson on Wednesday's episode of This Morning
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Vanessa Feltz has opened up about her experience dating Tinder's 'most swiped man. '. The broadcaster expressed her desire to "have a laugh" while dating and emphasized that she "doesn't need to go up the aisle" again.

At 62, the TV and radio personality, who has appeared on Celebs Go Dating, was spotted out with Tinder's renowned "most swiped man". Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, in March. Regarding Stefan, Vanessa remarked: "All I could say is he's very easy on the eye."

Despite this, she remains single and shared: "Really, my plan is just to have a laugh. I've got two wonderful children and four grandchildren. I don't need to go up the aisle, I've done that. I don't need to get pregnant, it's too late for that.", reports the Mirror.

"So I reckon just have a good time. My whole life, I've always settled down incredibly quickly. I'm not sure that's been the best model, really. So I am not in any hurry. I'm not looking for anything except a lovely time."

In an interview with Bella magazine, she recounted a recent date that went poorly from the start, saying she "couldn't stand him before the soup" but stayed for the meal and isn't planning to join any dating apps.

She explained: "We met through an introduction from friends and I really didn't like him. But it was OK. I survived. I stayed for the dinner. The dinner was good!"

Vanessa also mentioned learning from her time on Celebs Go Dating, trying not to dismiss potential matches too hastily: "I'm trying to learn from Celebs Go Dating not to dismiss someone too quickly and say I don't like them. I'm trying my best but it is not easy sometimes."

Vanessa Feltz has expressed her desire to appear on Gogglebox, potentially alongside friends such as radio host Matthew Wright or businesswoman Linda Plant, known for her role as a judge on The Apprentice. Despite having been offered a spot on the show previously, she was too occupied at the time.

Vanessa stated: "I'd love to do Gogglebox. It'd probably be great. I wish they would ask me again."

She also mentioned that she wouldn't mind partnering with Matthew Wright, believing their combined personalities could make for an interesting dynamic.

In other news, Vanessa ended her long-term relationship with Ben Ofoedu in February 2023 after revelations of his infidelity. Speaking in August last year, she expressed her desire to fall in love again and emphasised the importance of socialising for her wellbeing, saying: "I want to fall in love and be swept off my feet. Going out has been my selfcare. I don't like the idea of being in an empty house and not seeing anyone."

Despite her attempts to find love on Celebs Go Dating on E4, Vanessa had no luck in securing a long-term relationship. She also faced criticism for seemingly clashing with dating expert Anna Williamson on the programme.

Reflecting on her experiences in her column for The Daily Express, Feltz compared her time on the dating show to her stint on the first series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2001. She wrote: "My girls say that their mother originated a seemingly compulsory feature: the snivelling sobbing disintegration of a well-known personality with tears streaming, facade fractured,".

"It may not have been my finest hour... but with hours of such programming under my belt you'd think I'd have got the hang of it by now. Wrong! I'm currently doing my best to navigate E4's Celebs Go Dating and making a right pig's ear of it. I seem to have forgotten my own maxim: 'If you don't want them to show it, don't do it.'".

"The audience sees what it sees and takes this lighthearted puffery with intense seriousness," she wrote. "Naturally, the broadcast is cut and edited to elicit maximum ratings though if I'd been angelic throughout they'd have nothing negative to show, of course."

"It's my own fault and I take full responsibility for letting filaments of boredom and frustration show."