Venomous Red-Bellied Black Snake Removed From Car in Sydney

A dangerous red-bellied black snake was removed from underneath a Toyota parked outside a pub in Revesby, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, after it climbed onto the fuel tank on January 27.

Snake catcher Kane Durrant originally posted this video to Facebook and told Storyful he was called to assist police in removing the venomous snake.

Under the original Facebook post, Durrant said the owner of the vehicle exited the pub to find his car surrounded by police. They spent three hours trying to “convince the snake to come out” he wrote.

“In the end, a mobile mechanic helped to jack the car up and unbolt the fuel tank for access,” Durrant wrote. “It was raining and we were tired, but got the job done.” Credit: Kane Durrant – Wild Conservation via Storyful