Very big veg: Pensioner grows vegetables bigger than his grandchildren to feed huge family

They look like part of a meal for a giant.

But these super-size vegetables have been grown by pensioner Phillip Vowles to feed his large family.

The former farmer, 67, has taken to growing massive cabbages, cucumbers and pumpkins to fill the dinner table when he and his wife, Brenda, 67, are joined by their 16 children and grandchildren.

That is some super-size veg (Picture: Caters)

Mr Vowles, from Llanharry, South Wales, has harvested a 30ft wide cabbage and a pumpkin that weighs seven stone.

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He has also grown a world record cucumber in the past, which weighed 18.5lbs.


Some of the vegetables are bigger than Mr Vowles’s grandchildren (Picture: Caters)

“I love having the whole family round for dinner. There are 18 of us when we all get together, so it’s a big occasion,” he said.

“One of my granddaughters suggested we have a harvest festival this year.

“We had lots of music going, giant stuffed marrows, pumpkin, a nice leg of pork, all sorts really.

“But even with all the food we put out, we still ate our way through it all.”

While he grows the food on his one-acre allotment just down the road from home, his wife prepares it in the kitchen.

“We work really well as a team to do things like this,” said Mr Vowles.

“She often has her work cut out to chop everything down to size, but the food she makes is wonderful.”


That is one big pumpkin (Picture: Caters)

His cabbages weigh up to 100lbs and are the size of an armchair.

Carrying the vegetables from the allotment to the house usually requires a special stretcher.

“I’m only an amateur grower,” he said.

“People say I should not say I’m an amateur, but I have been pretty lucky over the years.”

(Main picture: Caters)