There Is A Very Good Reason Why More Babies Are Sleeping In Boxes

It may seem like an odd thing to do but more and more parents are opting to put their babies in BOXES to sleep.

This isn’t just some hipster fad, either - there is actually an extremely good reason for doing it, and it could even save your baby’s life.

The trend all started in Finland, where baby boxes were handed out by the government to every single expectant mother since the 1930s.

Coming fully equipped with baby essentials - including a medical kit, clothes and even a handbook for nervous dads - the box has been a godsend for parents.

It also comes with a handy mattress that can be slipped into the box, turing it into a miniature bed for the tot.

Handy: The boxes come with helpful items for new parents [Photo: Finnish Baby Box]

But this isn’t just a handy space-saver - it is believed that the use of this makeshift cots is the reason for the drop in deaths by suffocation in newborns.

In fact, Finland consistently has the lowest rate of infant mortality in the world.

The boxes have now gone global and the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, in collaboration with US company Baby Box Co, has decided to hand out their own boxes to expectant mums.

Karen Joash, the consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, said that the scheme was also helpful to parents struggling with baby finances.

She said: ”We take it for granted people have money for a separate sleeping cot or Moses basket but that might not be the case.”

Life-savers: The boxes are credited with curbing baby suffocation [Photo: Finnish Baby Box]

Other countries also have their own version of the boxes, which are credited with saving lives.

Mothers in Jagadiya, India, are given boxes with mosquito blankets and a clean-birth kit to help prevent infection during delivery.

Around 36,000 will also be handed out in Fort Worth, Texas over the next two years, in an attempt to curb the high mortality rates.

Dyann Daley, of Cook Children’s Hospital System, told the BBC: “Our goal is to provide a box for every live birth in the city and give babies a safe sleeping environment because that is critical to preventing suffocation deaths.”

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