Vicky Pattison breaks down over cheating fiancé

Vicky Pattison‘s new TLC show is set to document the reality star’s (Geordie Shore and I’m a Celebrity winner 2015) life following her break-up from ex-fiancé John Noble, and a new clip shows her tearful breakdown after discovering that her long-term partner had cheated on her.

The show, which airs tonight at 10pm, was originally planned to document the days leading up to their wedding, but has since been re-angled and renamed Vicky Pattison: The Break Up following the couple’s split.

It will now follow Pattison’s personal life as she tries to come to terms with the wedding being called off, including the moment she found out Noble had been pictured with other women in Dubai.

Vicky Pattison breaks down after discovering her fiancé John Noble cheated on her (TLC)
Vicky Pattison breaks down after discovering her fiancé John Noble cheated on her (TLC)

In the new clip of the show, Pattison breaks down in tears as she says, “I hate myself but I’d take him back. I would do anything for it just to be last week.

“A week ago he was me future and me life and the man I was going to spend the rest of me life with, and I wanted babies with him. And now, I’ve seen him with his hands all over so many different women. And he doesn’t want to speak to us. He hasn’t apologised.

Later on in the episode, she will detail the moment she found that Noble had been unfaithful, saying: “I was in Brighton for my birthday with my friends, and my agent rang and asked if I was with anybody.

“She said that someone had rang and said that they had some pictures of John with girls in Dubai. They weren’t very nice. They were awful.

“I really subscribed to monogamy – like – faithfulness. I thought he would never do that. I just didn’t see it coming. The moment it happened, it was over.”

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