Victoria Beckham Gets Saucy About David's 'Sticky Stuff' In Cheeky TikTok

Victoria Beckham served up a side of innuendo to accompany husband David’s latest harvest of honey this weekend.

Posh got rather saucy in a video posted to her TikTok account showing Becks tending to his hives, becoming rather obsessed with his “sticky stuff”.


The Beckham sticky stuff 😂🐝🍯 @davidbeckham (or should I say David Attenborough 😂) I rate it 10/10!!

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With her tongue firmly in her cheek, she told her 450k followers: “He’s about to release his sticky stuff... His new batch of sticky stuff.”

As David remarked on the batch of honey’s good “flowage”, Victoria said: “Look at his. It’s pouring out of that one.”

She then said she was “off to sample” said “sticky stuff”.

“I’ll let you know what David’s sticky stuff tastes like,” she added. “I’ll mark it out of 10 and let you know.”


In the comments, one fan wrote: “Victoria doesn’t get enough credit for how hilariously funny she is.”

Another added: “She’s so funny and they’re absolute ‘couple goals’.”

Of course, those who follow the Beckhams on social media will know that Posh and Becks regularly poke fun at one another in their videos.

Last month, after fans picked up on Victoria sounding “posher” than Posh Spice, David could be heard in the background of one of her posts, joking: “I hope you’re not putting that dodgy accent on.”

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