Video: Designer creates Bugatti Veyron using just paper

Simon Garner
Yahoo! Cars News

Graphic designer Taras Lesko has spent three months designing and building a model Bugatti Veyron made out of paper.

The petrolhead wanted to give supercar fans the chance to own a Veyron without spending £1million on one.

So he designed a scale model of the 253mph supercar on his computer before printing it off and building it.

Now, after three months of fine-tuning, Taras has completed the brilliant model and put the instructions online for free.

The 2.5ft long model, known as a papercraft, is made up of 159 parts which are printed off 44 pages.

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Taras, 29, said: "My wife challenged me to create a new automotive papercraft, this time in such a way that would allow other people to build it with downloadable templates and instructions.

"The Bugatti Veyron immediately popped up in my head and I went from there. It's the world's fastest, most expensive production car, and everyone knows about it.

"Everyone wants one, but hardly anyone can afford one. I figured it would be a great choice for a papercraft."
Taras spent his spare time creating templates, instructions, photographs and a video of him building it.

His template can be printed in PDF form off, with figures on the website showing it has already been downloaded three million times.

Taras’s Veyron now sits alongside a variety of other papercraft models including an Audi R8 supercar, ‘Gundam’ robot and a 3.5ft tall model of the video game character Viewtiful Joe.

The designer, from Seattle, Washington state, US, added: "Several people have left comments on my website that they're going to spend quality time with their kids building the Veyron. That to me is priceless.

"I would really like to build something big with cardboard and I have an intense itch to build a full scale replica of a Pagani Zonda.

"My only obstacle is that I'm starting to run out of space in my house for these projects."

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