Video: Man makes astounding escape from petrol station car crash

A Russian man made a miraculous escape from a huge traffic accident which saw five vehicles smashed in a petrol station.

Caught on video, the incident occurred as a bus carrying 30 people was forced to sharply swerve across a highway to avoid a turning lorry – causing both vehicles to crash into a petrol station in Orenburg, Russia. The collision sees three other vehicles smashed into, while a driver on the forecourt is lucky to remain alive as the truck ploughs into a van just millimetres away from him.

The footage, which has gone viral, captures the incredible escape from the driver’s position in the bus. The driver who survived the forecourt smash has been dubbed the “luckiest dude in Russia” by Claudio Paskuale, who uploaded the dramatic footage to the web.

Fortunately there were no serious injuries reported, with only one passenger on the bus sustaining minor injuries.

Police are conducting an investigation to decide who caused the accident, according to Russia Today.

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