Video of David Cameron 'talking to a tree' in Sky News interview goes viral

Footage of a Sky News presenter’s reaction to a David Cameron interview has gone viral after he made a joke about the former prime minister.

The clip shows Mr Cameron, who is standing next to a tree, giving an interview in the wake of Boris Johnson's sensational election victory, with the former Tory leader hailing the win as 'extraordinary' and 'powerful'.

He said: “That’s the most important thing of all, winning the trust of people that have put their trust in us, many of them for the first time.

“And Boris will have my full support as he does that.”

But as the camera then cuts to presenter Adam Boulton, he quips: "Well I don’t know why he’s talking to a tree.”

The gag went viral, picking thousands of likes on Twitter, with users appreciating the light relief on a day dominated by coverage of the election.

A lot of people praised Mr Boulton’s joke and agreed it appeared Mr Cameron had been talking to a tree, with his interviewer presumably stood just next to it out of shot.

Mr Boulton’s quip even won over some Twitter users that did not like him before.