Video shows Western fighters ambushing Russian armored vehicle in Ukraine with rocket launcher

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Fighters aiming weapons at an armored vehicle in Ukraine.
Images from a video of an ambush of a Russian armored vehicle near Kharkiv, Ukraine.IAPonomarenko/Twitter
  • Video shows an ambush of a Russian armored vehicle near Kharkiv in Ukraine.

  • English-speaking fighters emerge from a wooded area and hit their target with a rocket.

  • According to Britain's i newspaper, one of the men is a former Royal Marine whose mother is an MP.

Video footage shows the moment a group of Western volunteers ambushed and destroyed a Russian armored vehicle in Ukraine.

In the brief clip, the English-speaking fighters emerge from a treeline in the countryside near Kharkiv to hit a vehicle identified as a BTR-80 armored personnel carrier.

Video of the attack was shared by Kyiv Independent reporter Illia Ponomarenko, and was also picked up by weapons-tracking accounts on Twitter and Telegram.

A second video recorded the ambush from the air.

The video shows a large explosion where the rocket makes contact, and a smaller one where the rocket was fired.

Insider matched the location to a patch of countryside about 15 miles north of central Kharkiv.

Annotated map showing the location of an ambush in Ukraine
An annotated satellite image from Google Maps showing the location of an ambush near Kharkiv, Ukraine.Google Maps/Insider

The weapon used appears to be an RGW-90 rocket launcher. The anti-tank weapon is among arms sent to Ukraine by Western allies including Germany, per the German outlet Der Spiegel.

After the hit the men run away, and appear unharmed even as the Russian forces open fire towards them. According to the UK's i newspaper, one of the men shown is Ben Grant, a 30-year-old British man.

The newspaper said Grant is a former Royal Marine who went to Ukraine to fight. His mother is a serving MP, Helen Grant. The i said his unit is made up of 13 British and US military veterans.

The i said the video showed a part of a 15-hour operation that led to 38 Russian deaths. Eight were killed in the BTR ambush and a further 30 died in a joint attack on a Russian position by the Western volunteers and Ukrainian forces.

It did not cite a source for the information.

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