The crisis continues in Israel

Israel has been bombing Palestinian militant targets in the Gaza Strip from the air and sea for a fifth straight day.

The Jewish state’s military has widened its targets to include media operations in the territory. Two missiles hit the 15th floor of the building where the Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV is located.

Bombing has been intense in the border town of Rafah. The aim of the Israeli military has been to destroy tunnels which are believed to be used to smuggle weapons in to the territory.

Around 50 Palestinians including several children have been killed in Israeli raids since Wednesday. Many more have been injured.

Rockets have continued to land in Israel with the country’s commercial centre, Tel Aviv, targeted once again. However, the missile interceptor system prevented the attack from causing major damage. The southern city of Ashkelon also came under attack with damage evident on the streets.

Three Israelis have been killed since the outbreak of the violence.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the Gaza operation will be expanded “significantly”.