Europe shivers under blanket of snow

Air travellers are feeling the worst of the wintry weather that has struck Europe, and all travel, especially on the roads, is proving risky in several countries.

Heathrow, the world’s busiest airport was again hit with flight cancellations with over 100 flights grounded, and there is more snow forecast for Sunday, stranding thousands of passengers.

It is the same story in Paris, where airline companies have been told to cut their Paris arrivals and departures by 40%, as a severe snowstorm is expected for sometime tonight to add to the snow that is already making life difficult.

Heavy snow has also fallen in Poland, and freezing rain has made roads treacherous even when the snow has not been as dense.

Croatia has been struggling with a blizzard all week, affecting 11 major cities and causing transport chaos, but there the forecast is improving with precipation being replaced by blue skies in the coming days.