Iran’s protests are rippling through the World Cup

STORY: Some Iranian soccer fans are

protesting at the World Cup

While some voiced support

for anti-government protesters

“Women, life, freedom. They won't let us speak. They want to censor us even here in Qatar.”

others spoke out against them

or tried to drown them out

“The whole match I was just crying and shaking because before the match already they were everywhere and trying to be loud and stopping us from speaking or saying anything in front of the camera."

Mahsa Amini's death in custody sparked

broad anti-government protests in Iran

Authorities have responded with deadly force

“My priority is not soccer, it is not World Cup. My priority is my people in Iran, who are fighting with Islamic regime with empty hands for their basic rights."

Ahead of Friday’s match, several fans

said security stopped them or friends

from taking symbols of support

for the protesters into the stadium

This woman was photographed inside

FIFA rules ban items with ‘political, offensive, or discriminatory messages’

The soccer team is traditionally a huge source of pride in Iran

In its opening match, the team stayed silent during the national anthem

In its second game players were seen quietly singing along